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First class meeting of IRP creative dramatics group

The first meeting went very well only two people were absent, Howard Menicoff and Edgar Zingman. Everybody appeared to be happy and satisfied with the class, although I wouldn't be surprised if here and there one or another of the people might've been's smothering disappointment, but I'm not sure that. It was a lot of laughter and everybody was quite cooperative in doing the warm-ups and other exercises. We did pass the clap, singing tag, zips zap zop, they also did machines. We did a number of little improvisational bits. I'm hoping I can keep them interested and challenged. The really pleasant surprise was Monteturo's great talent. Goon River had us hysterically laughing.
I did quite a lot of the demonstrating and I hope it was helpful in getting some of the basic ideas across, ideas such as accepting the gifts of clues from your partner, and avoiding such things as blocking, wimping, and waffling..

All in all, I was pleased.

I do expect to go to the workshop tomorrow. I hope won't be a waste of time and money.


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