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Three Day Catch-up

What a beautiful day it was Saturday! The only exception was my disappointment in not being able to go-awaited improvisation workshop. I really had a devil of a time getting around on subways Saturday but I finally ended up at Lillian's apartment. I did get the name of a new book at Barnes & Noble, which I ordered from Amazon naturally. I also bought some biscotti at Farmer's market. I slept over Lillian's and the next day which was another wonderful day, we spent some time at the B&N near her apartment. Then we took a long walk. I had planned to go find the mall in the park, strolled past Bethesda fountain, and end up at the boathouse restaurant. However I got too tired and went back to her place and came home.

Monday, the Alzheimer's class at Stein senior center when very well. Lots of laughter and congeniality. In the morning I had gone to Trader Joe's where a a lot of stuff to

Tuesday, today I spent most of the afternoon at Stein. The program was quite long, but the part that the group and I did to demonstrate improv was highly applauded and appreciated. There was much laughter and enjoyment on the parts of everybody. When I left at 4:35 PM there were still doing exercises, and I couldn't stand to be there any longer. I remembered that I had an appointment with another actor so I left, unfortunately not getting a chance to stuff myself with all the food.

I watched some TV and I'm catching up on these entries. I do a lot of preparation work to do for Friday and next Monday and Tuesday. I may not go to the men's club tomorrow. I find I'm pretty tired out lately. I just don't have the stamina I used to have. But after all look how old I am and I'm still able to do all the stuff I enjoy.


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