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Friday, October 1 through Sunday, October 3's

There were a number of people absent from my IRP creative dramatics workshop. Ed Z. Howard, Marsha, and H. however those who came did a noble job. I had been ruminating about whether or not to extend his workshop into the spring semester and I did mention it to the class who were in attendance, but later on I regretted sharing my thoughts because I'm not sure that I want to do it, myself. The reason Howard wasn't there is for the tragic death of his 25-year-old son Cory. It's a very very sad and shocking thing. My heart breaks for Howard because of the obvious reasons having to do with my own son, Timothy, who survived the same kind of circumstances that Cory faced. We just lock that saves Timothy who spent a year homeless on the streets of Baltimore, probably the most dangerous crime and drug ridden city in the country. I'm so sad for Howard and his dear wife. I certainly will go to the memorial service this coming Saturday.

I spent remainder of Friday at home, doing chores, med itating, resting, reading, and generally collecting my thoughts.

I did go to see Lillian Saturday. Met her at B&N and then add a sandwich at Prete a Manger. Then walked the street fair, and ended up back at her apartment. We went to a new restaurant, French restaurant, that was disappointing, but it was her insistence that we go to this place to try it out. Surprised to see Ted Hoffman in the restaurant with the young lady who had been associated with him in the publishing business. Good to see him though.

It was a pretty restless night but there were some good conversations about Buddhism and meditating, and it turned out to be a pretty enjoyable weekend. The team will soon be home from Melanie's in New Jersey.

I'm happy that I was able to do some organizing my files and I'm about to plan for my Alzheimer's course tomorrow.


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